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In Person & Video Call Services

  • Skype Video Call

    Helping you find the happiness and success you desire.

    1 hr 30 min

    125 US dollars
  • Skype Video Call

    Specializing in Accelerated Emotional Release Therapy

    2 hr

    135 US dollars

Francis Maula

“In my experience whenever I needed someone I could trust, Terry would always be there for me. He does not solve my issue or give me answers, he listens then guides me through my situation. Asking certain questions that by the end of our conversation leads me to feel completely satisfied and accomplished. For the answer I have been looking for was already with me hidden behind a wall of confusion he helped me break down. All the while, he never made me feel insignificant to him or my problem ever too large to have a resolution. People would say the experience is likewise to mine although there are others that would praise him even more than I could even describe. You will just have to get the experience yourself to understand.”


Life is a beautiful adventure that is meant to be savored and hopefully enjoyed. A smart man is said to be someone who learns from his mistakes. Wisdom is the ability to learn from the mistakes and actions of others as well.

When searching for guidance from others its best to be hyper aware of who you ask questions. If you want to know how to be rich, you don't ask the guy living under the bridge. This simple example makes sense. But who are you typically asking for advice from?

If you want to be happy, perhaps you should look for someone who is usually happy. If you want to be healthy and strong, then ask the person you feel is best to give you the wisdom you seek. Ask the people that have achieved what you desire to create in your own life.

If you want to be a billionaire, then don't ask me. I have not made a billion dollars so how can I give you advice for that?

But if you want to be happier than most people you will ever meet. If you want to be strong, healthy and energetic beyond people decades younger than you. If you want to have beautiful relationships with people in your life. Be able to set strong healthy boundaries. If you want to be financially stable and continually growing so you are not dependent on the system. If you want to be comfortable in your own skin and have a loving relationship yourself. To have  beautiful experiences in life that will be amazing memories to share with your family as you mature. then I am the guy to ask. 

Our thoughts, our beliefs, our emotions, our soul connections anything that we experience inside, is reflected outside of us in ways that sometimes we can’t even imagine.

As stated in the bible “As a man thinketh in his heart so may he be”. Lao Tzu said “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” Buddha is believed to of said “All we are is a result of what we have thought.” Many others have said similar things but the common thread is the relationship we have with ourselves dictates how well we succeed in the world.

If you want to improve any relationship in your life, may it be with your lover, family, friends, God, work, your body, the earth, or anything else you can think of, the place you need to start with is within. The relationship with yourself.


Hypnotherapy has many advantages and techniques that have benefits the regular talk therapy styles can't incorporate. Along with numerous options in hypnotherapy I have specialized in Accelerated Emotional Release Therapy.

Similar to Timeline therapy is has been found to have an incredible effect in treatment of trauma. Allowing people to release the negative emotions that they have trapped and attached to events in their lives. Freeing them from the cycles, emotions, beliefs, behaviours that are getting in the way of living the life they desire.

Hypnotherapy was first developed in the later party of the 18th century by Franz Mesmer, a German physician who used hypnosis in the treatment of patients in Vienna and Paris.

This is a proven therapy style brought to the main steam in the 1950’s by Milton Erikson. A mild to medium trance or relaxed state is used to help improve communication between the conscious and unconscious mind. Even though you are in a “trance” people are fully aware of the conversations taking place with the therapist to allow for the conscious mind to fully integrate with the new ways of seeing your world.


During the session a variety of talk therapy and techniques can be used to help the client navigate through beliefs or emotions that were created during past trauma or significant emotional experiences.

Although trauma can cause us issues many times that can affect us even decade later in life. Often many of us have created beliefs when we were younger, that were not trauma based, that worked for us at the time of the inception but no longer help us now or even hold us back in life. Hypnotherapy is a way for us to safely unlock and reorganize our beliefs and emotions to allow us to live the life we want to live today.

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